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Accounting Requests

Please fill out the Accounting Requests Form (for Invoice Copy, Credit Memo Copy, Statements and Questions on Credit Card Billing Charges) below and submit to ARDept@kendallhunt.com

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OSD Claims

Please fill out the OSD (Overages, Shortages, and Damages) Form below and submit to delivery@kendallhunt.com 

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Shipping & Returns

What do I do if I am missing items that were supposed to be delivered or received extra books that I did not order?

Please fill out the OSD (Overage, Shortage and Damages) form and submit to delivery@kendallhunt.com.

What do I do if one of the items in my kit is broken or damaged?

Please send an email to delivery@kendallhunt.com and include your order number, the kit item number, and a brief description of the item(s) damaged. Photos are appreciated. We will send replacements for items that are received damaged.

How do I receive my Illustrative Math books when they are delivered?

Cartons shipped from our main warehouse may contain all of the same ISBN or a multiple different ISBN’s. Make sure you remove each book from the carton when you are receiving the material and report any damages or shortages immediately using this form. Note: A shortage is defined as receiving fewer books than shown on the packing slip or invoice. Please make sure the missing books are not on back order or shipping separately. If you did not order enough books for your classroom, a new order will need to be placed. Please do not report this as a shortage.

Student and teacher sets are shipped as individual multi-unit volumes, but invoiced as one set.  Each unit book has a unique ISBN and the entire set has a separate ISBN that is used for billing purposes only. The entire set ISBN will not be on any of the actual physical books that you receive. Please make sure when you are receiving the books, you are counting each individual ISBN as it arrives.  Use the packing slip as a guide and mark it based on what was shipped and what was received.

Grade K student book set – Includes eight individual multi-unit volumes.

Grades 1 through 8 and high school student book sets - Include four individual multi-unit volumes.

The teacher sets for all grade levels include four individual multi-unit books and one Teacher Resource Guide. (3-4 volumes total per set)

Kits for grades K-5 and high school are shipped separately from the student books.

Middle school kits ship directly from our main warehouse along with the printed books.

Trade books are shipped separately from a different location.


Digital Products

How do I access my Kiddom content?
When will I receive access to the online content that comes with my print books?

Most online K12 material is hosted on Flourish at https://www.flourishkh.com/. If you ordered online using a personal credit card, you should receive an email with access instructions approximately 24 hours after your order ships. If the district ordered the material for you, please contact your district Flourish administrator to set up access for you. Licenses are added to the district account approximately 24 hours after the order ships. Please contact flourish@kendallhunt.com or chat online at https://www.flourishkh.com/ if you are having difficulty logging in or locating your administrator.

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Return Policy

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Kendall Hunt Publishing Company always strives to ensure customer satisfaction with our products and services.

Note: Please refer to your original purchase invoice for items that are non-returnable. K12 Customized Product, Illustrative Math, SDA, OpenSciEd, Inquiry Hub and Kits are non-returnable.