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  • I’m an instructor looking to get a review copy, a desk copy, or a preview of an item.

    For instructor copies, a request can be sent to ordernow@kendallhunt.com and we will put you in touch with the appropriate Sales Representative.

    How long does shipping take for printed product?

    Items that are in stock normally ship within two business days and then delivery time depends on the carrier. The average shipping time for UPS is seven business days. Items on back order will ship as they become available. Contact Customer Solutions or your sales consultant if you have questions on specific items and availability dates.

    Is rush shipping available?

    Yes. Kendall Hunt offers next day and second day shipping at an additional cost. Please note, orders typically take up to two business days to process, so please keep that in mind when requesting expedited shipping.

    I want to cancel my order.

    If you purchased a digital product or eBook and have not redeemed or accessed it and it is less than 7 business days from when you placed the order, email digitalrefund@kendallhunt.com, provide your order number and state you want to cancel your order. 

    If you purchased a printed product that ships to you, email customersolutions@kendallhunt.com, provide your order number and state you want to cancel your order. A solutions specialist will verify if the order fulfillment is not already in process at the warehouse. If the order is already in process at the warehouse, we will not be able to cancel your order. 

    I was charged twice for my order.

    Credit cards used for online orders are authorized at the time of purchase and the charges are settled after the order is imported into our system and posted. This can be a rather quick process which means the authorization and settled charge may appear on your credit card at the same time. The authorization should drop off in 3-5 business days. If the authorization is still there after 5 business days or if you have further questions, email ardept@kendallhunt.com.

    Who do I contact if I have questions about credit card charges?

    Please contact the Accounts Receivable Department at ardept@kendallhunt.com or call toll-free (800) 338-8309.

    How do I contact Customer Solutions?

    Call:   1-800-228-0810
    E-mail:  ordernow@kendallhunt.com

    Fax:  1-800-772-9165

    Live Chat
    Hours of operation: 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (Monday - Friday).