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  • When I look at the eBook option for an item on the website, it says 180 days, what does that mean?

    Our digital items have a limited access duration. That duration begins when you activate the Access Code for the item, which is sent to you through email after purchase. The duration is typically set at 180 days, the length of a semester, however a few items may have a longer access duration shown.

    I’m an instructor looking to get a review copy, a desk copy, or a preview of an item.

    For instructor copies, a request can be sent to ordernow@kendallhunt.com and we will put you in touch with the appropriate Sales Representative.

    I’m purchasing a book for a course, and I don’t have an ISBN number. How can I be sure I’m purchasing the right book?

    The title of the book can be a good way to tell but isn’t always reliable. The book’s edition number and author also can be good to check. The best way to ensure you’re purchasing the correct item is to check with your instructor and ask for an ISBN number. If you get in touch with our support team we can offer suggestions for what we think it is based on the information you provide. However, without an ISBN number we aren’t able to ask you to purchase something that might not be right.

    What is an ISBN Number? Where can I find it?

    An ISBN Number is 13-digit number which typically begins with 9 7 8. It is used as the best method for identifying a book or another item. When working with you regarding one of our items, we often ask for an ISBN number because many of our items have similar titles and we want to be sure we’re getting you the information for the correct item. The ISBN number is most often located near the barcode or on the inside cover of a book

    The store page has a print version and an eBook version, but the ISBN my instructor gave only matches one of the versions. Is the other still okay to buy?

    Yes. Different versions of an item need to have different ISBN numbers but typically the only difference is the format. The content will be the same.

    I’m not sure what book I need to buy

    Check the ISBN number. It will be a 13 digit number beginning with 978. On the item page in our store, that be found on the right side. That will identify the correct book better than anything else. If you don’t have one, check with your instructor or check the course syllabus.

    I was charged twice for my order.

    Credit cards used for online orders are authorized at the time of purchase and the charges are settled after the order is imported into our system and posted. This can be a rather quick process which means the authorization and settled charge may appear on your credit card at the same time. The authorization should drop off in 3-5 business days. If the authorization is still there after 5 business days or if you have further questions, email ardept@kendallhunt.com.

    What is the status of my refund or return?

    Digital product refund requests emailed to digitalrefund@kendallhunt.com for product that has not been redeemed or activated and requested within 7 business days of purchase refund, can take up to 2 days to review and an additional 7-10 business days for the credit to post to your account, depending on your financial institution. Reply to the ticket you received when you emailed digitalrefund@kendallhunt.com if it’s past 12 business days since your request was sent and you have not heard a reply back. 

    Physical product returned to Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, C/O IPS, 7307 Innovation Blvd, Ft. Wayne, IN 46818 – check the tracking number of the package you returned to see if it has been received at the location. Allow up to 15 business days to process the return of an item once it’s received back at the warehouse. You may email returns@kendallhunt.com with the return tracking information if you would like more information.

    What is the return policy?

    Returns and refunds on digital offerings, including electronic codes and software, are limited to those that have not been redeemed, activated, or used and must be requested within 7 business days of purchase. Email digital product refund requests to digitalrefund@kendallhunt.com and allow two business days for the request to be reviewed.
    Print product can be returned in resalable condition and with the order confirmation or packing slip, within 30 days. A refund will be processed upon receipt. Products should be shipped prepaid via a traceable method such as UPS. Please enclose a copy of your order confirmation or packing slip, and be sure to include your full name and address on the outside of the package. Ship by traceable carrier, prepaid to:

    Kendall Hunt Publishing Company
    C/O IPS
    7307 Innovation Blvd
    Ft. Wayne, IN 46818

    Kendall Hunt is not responsible for any return shipping charges including duties, custom fees, and taxes where applicable. 

    To view our full return policy, click on the ‘returns policy’ at the bottom of the website. 

    I want to cancel my order.

    If you purchased a digital product or eBook and have not redeemed or accessed it and it is less than 7 business days from when you placed the order, email digitalrefund@kendallhunt.com, provide your order number and state you want to cancel your order. 

    If you purchased a printed product that ships to you, email student@kendallhunt.com, provide your order number and state you want to cancel your order. A solutions specialist will verify if the order fulfillment is not already in process at the warehouse. If the order is already in process at the warehouse, we will not be able to cancel your order.